What services are provided by Deluxe Massage?

Deluxe Massage provides professional therapeutic massage services for relaxation and well-being. The treatments provided cannot replace medical science in the case of organic diseases.

Which are the areas of service?

We take care of your relaxation needs all over the Attica region by offering our services in all areas of the basin.

During which hours can I book a massage appointment?

We operate from 9 am to 12 pm. Let us know one hour before and our therapist will join you for your session.

How do I choose a therapist?

On our website, you know our therapists so that you can choose the most suitable based on his/her CV and the types of massage he/she provides.

What type of massage should I choose?

Each type of massage has something different to offer. On our website, we provide information on all types of massage. Choose the one that suits you.

What should I care for before the beginning of the session?

You should inform the therapist about any health problems such as allergies, musculoskeletal disorders, etc. Whatever concerns you, you can discuss it with him. Don't forget, the healer is a good friend!

Can I eat or drink alcohol before starting a massage?

You should avoid eating or drinking for one hour before the beginning of the session in order for your body to be lighter and better prepared for the therapeutic process.

How do I pay the massage session?

Each session is paid in cash by paying the money to the therapist after the end of the session.

Can the therapist visit me at a hotel of my choice?

Therapists also offer treatment in hotel rooms selectively.

Can I book an appointment through the website?

Of course. Fill in the online booking form and you will receive a response as soon as possible.