Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic massage is specifically “designed” to decongests the lymphatic pathways, points in other words from where the lymph passes – the second most important liquid in our body after the blood.

This is a specialized type of massage that is applied to the lymphatic pathways that run throughout the body. The lymph is stimulated by exercising mild pressure and manipulations performed with rhythmicity. In this way “drained” of course, removing body waste.

The lymphatic system is the second most important system of the body after circulation. But because the lymphatic system is not an organ equivalent of heart-that works as a pump to the circulatory system – lymph may enter congestion and stagnation, especially under modern conditions of life (sedentary lifestyle, poor nutrition) or when there is a hereditary predisposition lymphedema.

The lymphatic massage intervenes gently and provides treatment throughout the body by activating the proper circulation of lymph, while appropriate and ideal for people with low immunity or suffering from sinusitis.

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  • Improves blood circulation
  • Detoxification and stimulation
  • Fighting fatigue
  • Fighting migraines and stress
  • Fighting fat
  • Heals scars or surgical incisions
  • Improves skin quality
  • Better appearance, health and well-being