Corporate Events

The prevailing view is that the massage sessions are a kind of therapy to a particular person or a couple. However, more and more companies, organizations, families and groups choose to collective therapeutic massage sessions at the workplace or in events that take place at home or in a hotel.

Whether it is a small local business, or it is a large company with many employees, you want your employees to be relaxed, cheerful, free from stress, muscle aches and tension of work so that they can deliver the maximum in their work.

The integration of regular massage sessions at your workplace is a great way to offer a pleasant working environment for your employees, especially if they work long hours in a chair or in front of the computer, and in other words stops exhaustion and arduous.

Massage treatments for Offices and Events by our experienced therapists, focus on the trunk and on those areas most affected by the sedentary work stoppage, such as the neck, back and waist. With this intervention, workers relieve headaches and muscle aches, eliminating fatigue and stress.

The group massage sessions are also ideal for events, celebrations and anniversaries that you want to share with your loved ones. A birthday party, a bachelor, an anniversary, a family celebration combined with a massage therapy can be a very relaxing and enjoyable experience for you and your loved ones.

Offices & Events Μασάζ

“Body Echo Chairs”


  • Relaxes and rests the body
  • Reduces tensions, pains, and migraines
  • Improves circulatory and oxygenates the brain
  • Improves the atmosphere in the working environment
  • Improves employee mood and performance
  • Endures the workers' morale and strengthens their relationships