The couples massage is a massage therapy that you enjoy with the company of your partner or someone you love someone friendly, family or from your working environment. The two of you while you are in the same room and receive massage therapy (same or different, as you choose), from one or two different therapists.

The couples massage is ideal for couples who want to tighten and renew their relationships, while appropriate for those individuals who are reluctant to a “venture” session due to shrinkage, as well as for a “unrepentant workaholic” who may continue the professional discussion, under relaxation and wellness conditions.

The couples massage is a “gift” to share and enjoy together with your mate, with a relative, with a friend or a colleague.

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  • Offers an enjoyable experience that you share with a loved one
  • Relaxes and removes tension, so you can talk more openly
  • Creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere for the couple
  • Strengthens the bonding and the relationship between the two patients
  • Increases the libido between couples who have an erotic relationship
  • Gives you peace of mind, well-being, and good emotional mood