Χαλαρωτικό Μασάζ

Relaxing massage

The relaxing massage (also known as Swedish or classic) is among the most popular types of massage.

Αθλητικό Μασάζ

Sports Massage

The sports massage is aimed for those who practice strenuous physical activity, and not only for professional athletes

4 hands massage

4 hands massage is performed by therapist couples applying coordinated and rhythmic massage movements.

Pregnancy Massage

Pregnancy massage is indicated by and after the third month of pregnancy and highly recommended to all pregnant women who have a normal pregnancy


Reflexology Massage

In our body, the soles and ears have more or less 7,000 nerve endings! These terminals are assigned to zones.

Slimming Massage

The slimming massage is a multilevel intervention in the body, which combines techniques from lymph, ayurvedic massage and reflexology

Couples Massage

The couples massage is a massage therapy that you enjoy with the company of your partner or someone you love someone friendly

Μασάζ Κεφαλής Σώματος

Indian Head-Body Massage

Indian head-body massage is a kind of traditional therapeutic massage that focuses on the head and upper body

Facial massage and body moisturizing

The facial and body moisturizing massage is a natural mini “facelift”, which beneficially affects the appearance of the skin.

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic massage is specifically “designed” to decongests the lymphatic pathways, points in other words from where the lymph passes

Ταϋλανδέζικη Μάλαξη

Thai Massage

The Thai massage is a traditional form of therapeutic massage that combines the Thai massage with movements used by yoga.

Offices & Events Massage

The prevailing view is that the massage sessions are a kind of therapy to a particular person or a couple.

Ayurvedic Massage

The ayurvedic massage follows an art; “ritual” that originated from alternative therapies of Ayurveda.

Aromatherapy Massage

The aromatherapy massage is a natural therapeutic intervention in body and spirit -two in one by combining different kinds of massage with aromatherapy!

Hot stone Massage

The heat released from the hot black stones apply to these energy centers of the body with a special massage and with ayurvedic massage techniques.